Find a favorable financial resource in doxo

July 20, 2019
Warning: You may be persuaded by the convenience and simplicity of the following. Financial service provider doxo aims to refine the bill paying process via its all-in-one website for paying multiple accounts. Since 2008, Seattle-based doxo has brought this smooth service to its consumers, sharing a mobile friendly website with ease of access to conduct this ritual routine. With investors such as Bezos Expeditions and Mohr Davidow Ventures, doxo launched over a decade ago with a goal to fill this societal void in tedious online bill pay.

Now, doxo boasts millions of users on its platform -- three million as of 2018 -- plus an additional 45,000-plus companies that utilize the system for payment acceptance. Positive recommendations abound from users, including writers from Wall Street Journal and The Washington Post, many of whom recognize the immense convenience and customization doxo allows by paying multiple bills on one site and accepting a variety of payment forms to do so. Few competitors provide the same, allowing doxo to rise to the occasion in providing this payment solution for regional and national bills.